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the extra ingredient in my shampoo attracts trouble

Or, rather, surreal/bizarre encounters with strangers.

This time, it was in my dorm room freshman year.

I lived on the third floor of a girls-only building, in an out-of-the-way corner. Despite how stupid this may have been, my roommate and I never locked our door. This was a habit born of the fact that neither of us remembered to bring our key when we left the room.

And, despite how dumb this was, it became a problem only once.

I remember going to sleep one night (I was on the top bunk.) I don’t remember whether Margot (for that was my then-roommate’s name) was there. If she was, she did not wake up for this incident.

I woke up to the door opening and closing. I thought it was Margot, but then there was somebody climbing into my bed and kissing my shoulder. Yeah, he kissed my shoulder. I asked him, “Who are YOU?”

And he asked me, “Who are YOU?”

Me: “I’m Erin [My Last Name]. Who the HELL are YOU?!?”

In a moment, I had climbed out of my bed. He hadn’t answered the question. Instead, he climbed out after me and we proceeded to hold this conversation in the hallway. He was shirtless. I might have been more alarmed, but he looked like a college student and it was nearly impossible to get into this building without somebody signing you in.

So I asked him, “Where are you supposed to be? Who signed you in?”

He couldn’t answer either of those questions. He was quite silent throughout the questioning. In the spirit of getting this random person out of my hair, I walked him all over the dorm, hoping that one of the doors would spark some recognition on his part. I even took him to the front desk to see if we could find his name and that of the girl who had probably signed him in.

Nothing worked. He seemed dazed (people since have told me that he was probably high, but I wasn’t (and am still not) in the practice of pointing high people out, so you’ll excuse my ignorance) and I felt bad, but I left him in the hallway outside my door once it was clear that we weren’t going to find where he was supposed to be.

I made sure to lock the door behind me.

A few days later, I saw him walking on campus. He was hand-in-hand with a girl who lived right across the hallway from me.