Zombies meet Sufjan Stevens

1. Windows Movie Maker is stupid.
2. Windows Movie Maker is STUPID.

After the ordeal of procuring the clips (which happened through the grace of Jim Groom), trimming them down, and moving them around, Movie Maker decided that I didn’t need to hear the part of the song I needed to hear to get the alignment right. If I wanted to hear a clip in relation to the song, I had to play the entire video through, otherwise it would choose a random part of Ring Them Bells and I would change the lineup only to find that it had been an elaborate hoax the whole time.

Needless to say, I will not be listening to this song again for a couple weeks. I think I did a decent job considering the fact that I’ve never watched 28 Days Later (I skimmed through it in Movie Maker to trim down the clips, but I did so with the sound off) and I had so much difficulty moving the clips around. I had originally had wonderful ideas for where the clocks would go (“time is running backwards”) and where some of the zombies running over the hill footage would go (“lost sheep”), but it just wouldn’t work. And, playing it through, there were some things that worked well for the timing and the cadence so I tried to preserve them.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a week. Graduation is about to happen. >.> I’m terrified and the workload is definitely not helping matters, at least not in the way that lots of busy work usually does. I’ll try to post more often in the coming weeks.